2018 Raw Boreray Fleece (Freya)

This lovely fleece was taken from our 2 year old Boreray ewe, Freya, in May 2018. This is the second time she has been sheared (2 shear). It is a wonderful example of a Boreray fleece and is probably our best Boreray fleece from 2018 as it has a nice staple length, has a lovely colour, is a good weight and is in one piece. Although Freya is 2 years old, she has not yet ever had any lambs and we think this is another reason why her fleece is extra special.

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2018 Raw Boreray Fleece (Freya)
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2018 Raw Boreray Fleece (Freya)
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2018 Raw Boreray Fleece (Freya)
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2018 Raw Boreray Fleece (Freya)
Sheep Age2 years
NotesVery small amount of VM. In one piece. A very nice fleece.
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