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2019 Raw Shetland Fleece (Winnie)

This lovely Shetland fleece was taken from our 3 year old ewe, Winnie. Her fleece is very soft and has distinct patches of two different beautiful colours: creamy white and chocolatey brown. Interestingly, the staple length varies according to the colour; the shorter staple being the darker chocolate colour. All our raw fleeces have been thoroughly skirted and cleaned of obvious VM.

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2019 Raw Shetland Fleece (Winnie)
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2019 Raw Shetland Fleece (Winnie)
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2019 Raw Shetland Fleece (Winnie)
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2019 Raw Shetland Fleece (Winnie)
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2019 Raw Shetland Fleece (Winnie)
Sheep Age3 years
NotesAn interesting fleece with hardly any VM
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